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Equipment for handling electrical cables in open pit tasks
MTM MT ECM C-500 Cable Reeler(See Catalog)

The MTM MT-ECM C-500 truck mounted cable reel handles mining electric cables from 7 to 15 KV and in lengths of up to 600 meters, deposited on reels of the type C-500 (other versions available) by means of a Pen Or Manipulator Arm, places or withdraws the cable to or from the berm, parapet, road or cut on the hill with great safety and maneuverability. It uses two units of Reels C-500 one mounted in a motor unit, cabin for the operator and its commands and another reel of recharge (on a support). In the center of the chassis is located an Articulated Pen that allows the exchange of reels (empty or loaded) avoiding the use of other support equipment)

The MTM MT ECM C-500 is remotely controlled by a wireless transmitter for the functions of Coiling and Handling of the Manipulator. Two operators are needed, one for driving the truck and the other for the furling. This range of winding equipment is very versatile, fast and economical compared to other versions of winding cables


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MTM MT EC C-500 Cable Reeler(See Catalog)

The MTM MT EC C-500 series of rollers in their different capacities, types of reels and capacities operate by means of roll-up systems mounted on the leaf of a dozer (commonly called Patos) or on the front loader arms. It has the capacity to travel on all kinds of roads (mud, snow, rocks, loose land and slopes)

The operation requires only the operator of the charger or Duck and through joysticks can roll or pick up cable at a distance if desired.

The EC model C-500 B has a manipulator arm that allows you to position the cable where you need it (berm, rail, over the road, etc.)


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C-500 Octogonal Drum Reel(See Catalog)

The C500 octagonal drum reel has an approximate capacity of 300 meters of cable 2 1/2 inches and is compatible with WA500 equipment





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MT-TE 100 LD Sledge for plug

Device to keep cable sockets away from ground, water or snow





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TM-LR 1200 Trailer Mounted Live Cable Reeeler(See Catalog)

Drum capacity 1200 meters cable, HATZ diesel engine, hydraulic system, electrical devices, plug. Trailer mounted


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Equipment for removing and positioning the pivot shaft on P&H and Bucyrus shovels
MT MEG 2500VJ SWING SHAFT HANDLER(See Catalog)(See Catalog)

The MT MEG 2500VJ is specifically designed to install or remove the Spinning Axes from the large P & H and Bucyrus shovels. This equipment is self-propelled and is placed under the mounting position of a Turning Axis and when placed it is able to exert a force of more than 5 tons. You can also pull a Spin axis from its position by exerting up to 100 ton of downward force if necessary. It can operate on 2800MK2 models up to 4100 XPB or newer versions.


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Equipment for Tuyere Cleanning in PIERCE SMITH Cooper Converters
MTM PA200 Tuyere Puncher(See Catalog)(See Catalog)

The MTM PA200 Punching Machine is designed to clean nozzles of Pierce Smith type converters or similar type and operates automatically, semi manual or remotely. It has advanced control systems through industrial PLC, dedicated software, HDMI control screen and Profibus communications and redundant optical fiber.

The MTM PA 200 can work with 1 or 2 punches simultaneously. Performs punch cycles as many times as desired, selects nozzles that are active, not percussing in which they are defective, can apply double punching, puncture penetration adjustable at 100, 80, 70 and 50% of the nozzle stroke (favors That the punch does not melt prematurely), you can apply a jet of cooling water from the punches.

The operator monitors the work of the MTM PA 200 by observing through & nbsp; CCTV one mounted on the punching machine and one on the field. If you wish, you can operate in manual mode by means of a joystick or leave the machine working alone.

The control system allows to operate up to 6 machines simultaneously, all under the administration of a Siemens 300 series PLC....  


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Equipment for Lining Bolt Removal in ore dressing mills.
BP-100 Bolt Hammer(See Catalog)

Designed for rugged work, the BP-100 is a High Impact Hammer for casting milling stud bolts. It uses hydraulic power and strikes with a power of up to 750 Joules and with a cadence of up to 30 impacts per minute (adjustable). It does not generate impact on the impact and for this reason the operator can operate without risk

It is able to loosen bolts up to 50 mm in diameter and 800 mm long.

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Lining Machines
MT99 Lining Machine

The MT99 can be installed and removed from the mortars. It has a car that allows to move, support and position the armor while it is being installed.

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Other Equipment
Diesel Hidraulic Power Unit

Hydraulic motor group to power mobile types of power. It operates with diesel engine 50HP, generating an oil flow of 10 GPM and 2500PSI suitable for faen am miners 3000 meters above sea level, autonomy 6 hours. Weight 1100 kg..






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Lamp lifter

The LH-30 is a compact equipment that allows the lifting and lowering of lamps for maintenance, ie light bulb replacement and inspection). One LH-30 battery can be provided for each lamp and independently controlled from one panel. The vertical travel is of up to 20 m allowing to maintain energy in the route


Utility Transport Car

The MTM MT TC-5000 is a motorized truck that travels on rails of the railway type to carry heavy loads such as chutes sanders, casting crucibles, dies for pressing, steel coils and in general large loads that require a distance to be displaced A distance within the process plants. The TC-5000 has a capacity of up to 5,000 kg and moves at speeds between 1.5 and 3.5 km / hr. The track gauge is 3.5 m and can travel up to 100 m by means of energized electric rail or self-contained diesel engine. It is operated by remote control, developing start and braking speeds (ramps), speed of translation and retention of position (positive braking).


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Mining Cable Rewinder

The range of electric cable winders ranges from those capable of receiving large capacity reels and the standard type C-500 (or IMAC / FMA CR 450). These devices allow the cable to be neatly wrapped so that the largest quantity is stored on each reel and in an orderly manner. These winding devices allow cable inspection while rolling. They work at variable speed and the controls are push button or foot (leaves the hands free to the operator). They can be combined with the Level Winder which can automatically wind the cable on the reel drum.

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Railroad Cars
Railroad Cars for Sulfuric Acid

Engineering and design of railroads for bulk transport of Sulfuric acid an other chemicals.

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Ship Unloader Bucket Clam

The bivalve-type MTM Bulkhead operates through pulleys and cables and is handled by large size harbor cranes.

The new MT-BC 11, 11 m3 capacity, can work with granulated products such as wheat, maize derived from flour,


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Gangway Access

La Catwalk MT PM 13000 is an access portal for ships of the merchant type and satisfies the safety regulations in the access of the crew and service personnel to ships from the docks. It has a length of up to 13 m (can be ordered a different one), a Support of Access of 1.8 m and suitable elements of security against falls and of traffic. They allow the transit of up to 5 people equipped with tools and operate with a maximum slope of 35º


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