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MTM Ingeniería, is a company that for more than 25 years has developed industrial solutions and specific equipment serving different economic sectors, such as: Ports, Mining, Railroads, Food Industry, among others, both domestic and foreign.

MTM Ingeniería appears in the market of structural analysis during the second semester of 1999. In those days, the company was dedicated to projects of Fault Analysis in structural elements of railroads, locomotives and freight cars..

Later, new projects were developed for CODELCO, as the construction of Cable reel vehicles to energize the large tonnage shovels and drills employed for mine ore extraction. It also was in charge of the construction of various punching machines for the automatic cleaning of the nozzles in the converter furnaces.

Up To date, MTM Ingeniería has built a multitude of devices to support the process of energize shovels and drills at mining. This, has enabled its Products be sold in China, Canada and mostly in Chile, to CODELCO.

MTM Ingeniería has also developed a line of Lining Machines and Bolt Hammers to support the process of replacing mill linings.

Today, MTM Ingenieria develop projects of Technical Inspection dealing with the analysis of faults in large machines as port cranes or railroad locomotives..

Our Company

MTM Ingeniería is a company dedicated to design machinery for industry
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