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MTM in alliance with BGS dispatch MC-500D Truck Mounted Cable Reeler to Mexico
Enero 06,2020
MC-500D Truck Mounted Cable Reeler MTM Ingeniería in alliance with BGS Montajes Industriales Ltda., have just dispatched a MC-500D Truck Mounted Cable Reeler unit to the mining company Peñasquito in Mexico, a subsidiary of Goldcorp. This machine handles electrical mining cables for 7 to 15 KV and in lengths of up to 600 meters using a boom or manipulator arm. In the center of the chassis is located an articulated boom that allows the exchange of reels. (see more...)
MTM Ingeniería will make Cable Reels for División Andina of CODELCO-CHILE
April 26,2017
Carrete C500 This month, Supply Management of Andina Division at Codelco-Chile requested MTM Ingeniería the manufacturing of several C-500 Cable Reels, with capacity up to 500 meters of cable to energize large shovels and drills at mine ....
MTM Ingenieria will be ITO in the FAM Crane Reinforcement Project In Puerto de San Antonio
March 15,2017
Grua FAM, terminal norte Puerto de San Antonio After a long process of selection of engineering companies for studying How to Strengthen the FAM Crane, located in the northern terminal in the Port of San Antonio, Puerto Panul S.A. Nominated MTM Ingeniería to intervene as ITO in the next activities Of Engineering Analysis and Implementation of Solutions.
MTM Ingeniería builds Ardelt crane clam shovel in Puerto de San Antonio
December 20, 2016
Pala de almeja operando en Puerto Panul, terminal norte Puerto de San Antonio Mid december, MTM Ingeniería delivered a new version of clam shovel for bulk unloading of grains in Puerto Panul S.A. San Antonio. The shovel whose volume reaches 11 cubic meters load, is capable of withdrawing up to 8 tons wheat in each shovel lifting .With this shovel MTM Ingenieria hopes to accelerate the process of unloading ships by providing a lighter and more effective tool...

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